A glimpse of Emanuela Boisbouvier’s flourishing career

A glimpse of Emanuela Boisbouvier’s flourishing career

In the acting industry, actors need all the exposure they can get to further their careers and land more significant roles. There’s hardly a dull day for these performers. Young actress Emanuela Boisbouvier knows the process all too well. Lucky for her, she’s comfortable exploring the extent of her creativity while chasing her ambition.

Throughout the years, Emanuela found herself in several projects that add to her repertoire as an actress. While some only starred her as a cast member, she eventually found herself in the lead role. For instance, she was an ensemble member for Finding Avi, an immersive theater project directed by Katherine Wilkinson and part of the La Jolla Playhouse WOW Festival for Spring 2022.

Emanuela then became the lead actress in the feature film Jaunt, directed by Alexi Papalexopoulos, with cinematography by Luka Bazeli. Jaunt is about two people who find each other and go on a three-day road trip up the California coast. On the way, they discover more about themselves and one another while encouraging each other to move in healthier directions.

She also had the lead role in the visual poem and fashion short film Cross-Legged As We Sat Through Time, directed by Julia Ponce Diaz.

One of the recent breakthroughs in Emanuela’s career is Margins, a short film in which she directed and starred. It’s about an interracial queer couple navigating their relationship and visa statuses while the Black Lives Matter protest starts throughout Los Angeles. The film’s semi-autobiographical nature and timely topic paved the way for its entry into ten film festivals, including the Diverse in Palm Springs, LA Independent Women Film Awards, Out on Film Atlanta, and Seattle Film Festival.

Even though Emanuela has a diverse acting repertoire, she prefers drama projects because she finds them inspiring and easier to do as an actress. She also likes playing roles inspired by true stories because of the truth it brings and how audiences can easily relate to them. Emanuela also chooses political theater when possible for similar reasons. For her, these projects are more powerful compared to their fictional counterparts.

The young actress was born in San José, Costa Rica, where she lived until she turned three. She grew up in Monaco with her Italian mother and Monégasque father. Eventually, Emanuela began acting at 13, although she wished she had pursued her passion for the craft earlier in her life. Nevertheless, Emanuela was determined to become an actress with a flourishing career in the entertainment industry.

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