’90s ‘Batman’ Alums Reunite for Comic With «Big Seasonal Arc»

'90s 'Batman' Alums Reunite for Comic With "Big Seasonal Arc"

The minds behind ‘The Adventure Continues’ dive back into the world of the fan-favorite cartoon with a story they were never able to tell: «There’s a big throughline across the six issues.»

by Graeme McMillan

A fan-favorite incarnation of the Dark Knight returns this week, with the launch of DC’s digital comic book series Batman: The Adventures Continue. The comic brings back the version of the hero from the 1990s animated series, with producers Paul Dini and Alan Burnett returning to write the new mini.

The series, illustrated by longtime Batman artist Ty Templeton (with colors by Monica Kubina), actually spins out of a new toyline from DC Direct in which Templeton redesigns DC characters in the style of the animated series, following the design work of that show’s Bruce Timm. The toy line also introduces a number of characters from DC’s Bat-mythology into the Art Deco Gotham that fans watched regularly nearly 30 years ago.

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