VF7 and “The Favorite Voice” Jay Wheeler are disappointed about love in “No Te Quiero Ver Remix”

VF7 and “The Favorite Voice” Jay Wheeler are disappointed about love in “No Te Quiero Ver Remix”

«No Te Quiero Ver Remix» will be part of VF7’s debut album «NÚCLEO» OUT on February 19

The youngest female performer of the urban genre, VF7 kicks off 2021 showing her musical evolution by releasing “No Te Quiero Ver” remix along with the new “The Favorite Voice” of the urban genre, Jay Wheeler. The track is released TODAY under the label Sora and Company, distributed by The Orchard, and it is available on all digital music platforms. The official video is also available on VF7’s official YouTube channel.

Produced by Mr. NaisGai and Carlos Orlando Navarro, “No Te Quiero Ver Remix” stands out as a melancholic song full of endless emotions where both artists assure that they are much better off without the person who hurt them. Opening their hearts like never before, the artists address the issue of the importance of valuing yourself as a human being and having the courage to tell the loved one «I don’t want to see you» when you know that the relationship is not in good terms because they undervalue you. «You come and do it again / I don’t want to see you again / You left me alone in the street / You hurt me / That’s why I don’t want to see you,» says part of the translated lyrics.

VF7, who has secured outstanding collaborations with Rauw Alejandro, Adexe & Nau and Juanfran, once again demonstrates her musical versatility and innate talent by experiencing different sounds including sounds of the rock genre by including a powerful solo with drums and bass at the end of the song.

“Since I met VF7 at an awards show, I have loved her unique flow. The admiration is mutual, and I always knew that there would be a collaboration,» said the recent nominee for «Best new artist” at Premio Lo Nuestro 2021, Jay Wheeler, said about VF7, the youngest artist of the urban genre.

The “No Te Quiero Ver Remix” music video, filmed at the Orlando Skate Park, was directed by Abner Maldonado (Abez Media) and shows the amazing chemistry between both artists, VF7 and Jay Wheeler, who are in a skate park, representing an urban and youthful space. During the video, skaters surround the artists while the night scenes are complemented by the melody of the song which is about feeling disappointment about love.

VF7 is getting ready for the release of her debut album “Núcleo” on February 19, which will include 10 tracks including “No Te Quiero Ver Remix” featuring Jay Wheeler. Look out for what’s next for VF7!

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