The Wait is Over: Joseph el de la Urba releases his latest single “Lista de Espera”

The Wait is Over: Joseph el de la Urba releases his latest single “Lista de Espera”

Urban music’s rising star, Joseph el de la Urba, is taking his fans off the waiting list with his new single “Lista de Espera.” Written by Joseph and Lil Geniuz, and produced by Lil Geniuz and Charlie Night City (Carlos Soto), the new track is now available on all digital platforms under JR Studios.

Following the release of his previous single, Curiosidad, “Lista de Espera” is the second track Joseph el de la Urba releases this year. The track describes a woman who wants to escape the pressure of the dating life, and enjoy a night out with her friends. As much of an attention grabber as she is, she chooses to leave her potential suitors on a ”waiting list” (Lista de Espera), and enjoy the party on her own.

“Cae la noche y se acicaló, y salió con sus amigas. Ella se escapa, se cansó que le metan presión No quiere relación.” 

Joseph el de La Urba wanted to make this release as authentic to himself as possible, and show his fans who he really is. Being such a big fan of Marvel Comics, Joseph took a new and creative approach that has yet to be seen in the industry, which can be demonstrated in the tracks cover art, along with the music video, now available on YouTube. 

At the end of 2019, Joseph released his smash hit Enciéndelo, a collaboration with the legendary Ñengo Flow, & Jamby el Favo that continues to climb the charts with over 3.8 MILLION streams on Spotify, over 12 million views on YouTube, and hitting the top 40 on Billboard’s Latin Rhythm Chart. The track raised eyebrows all over the world, leaving listeners wondering who is Joseph el de la Urba? This year in 2020, Joseph plans on showing the world exactly what he is made of.

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