RS ONE presents its video clip «QUIMICA»


RS ONE is a comprehensive artist of Dominican origin, who has earned the love and respect of his country for its musical quality.

Today, he presents the premiere of his new video clip “QUÍMICA”

After the success of the theme «WE DO IT GUILLAO» demonstrating its power and dominance in the industry. He is at the best moment of his artistic career and has the love and recognition of the public in his hands.

A video clip full of romance, as the artist says «MIX BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE INTERACTING THROUGH THE LOOKS».

The video clip starts in a bar counter where the interpreter prepares drinks for his muse in laboratory clothing, thus creating the perfect formula to reach Chemistry, in the company of the model and also actress Evi Siskos.

RS ONE established itself in the city of New York, where it has quickly become known receiving international awards as one of the new Latino reggaeton players, releasing singles that quickly become hits.

RS ONE is an artist who struggles hard to do quality work and be able to captivate a wider audience, «CHEMISTRY» is the passionate experiment to obtain a successful artistic career.

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