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As a Beauty Editor I try a lottt of skincare products, every day a new face cream or serum lands on my desk and each one promises to transform my skin, blitz wrinkles, and banish breakouts. Nine times out of ten, it’s just a jar full of marketing and empty promises. Sad, but true.

That’s why I’m always fascinated by the skincare products people go back to time and time again, for a moisturiser or serum to earn loyalty it has to be a winner. With that in mind I decided to reach out to one of the UK’s biggest beauty retailers, FeelUnique, to find out which – out of the 1000’s of skincare products they sell – are the most popular, the ones they struggle to keep in stock. Intrigued? Here are they are…The 9 best-selling skincare products.

At number 8, this face mask has built up a serious following thanks to it’s skin-smoothing powers. The clever formula helps to improve skin density – which can help the complexion look plump and glowy. Reviewers say it makes an ‘instant difference’, leaving skin looking ‘younger and healthier’ after the first use.

When it comes to the best eye cream, we’ve tried some of the finest formulas out there, but this is one we always come back to – and it appears the internet agrees with us. Yup, Filorga’s Optim-Eyes was the best-selling eye cream on FeelUnique this past year, and came in at number 6 on the skincare best-seller list. The hyaluronic acid formula works a treat for giving dry, dull, tired eyes a shot of hydration.

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