NATTI NATASHA unapologetically responds to speculations with New Single and Homemade Video “No Pare”

NATTI NATASHA unapologetically responds to speculations with New Single and Homemade Video “No Pare”

After speculation initiated due to the publication of an intimate photo, NATTI NATASHA is not remaining silent and responds to recent controversy in an unexpected way.

In the last few weeks, the Dominican entrepreneur and recording star has experienced countless comments and speculation about her personal life, while going through an array of adversities. However, she’s decided to respond to current events with a homemade music video for a new track «No Pare». Released under Sony Music Latin/Pina Records, the song and video are now available on all digital music platforms.

For the new track, NATTI NATASHA joined forces with sought-after reggaeton producer Gaby Music and urban recording artist Lenny Tavarez. Never ceasing to show her true voice with every song she drops, the new track shows a sensual and unapologetic NATTI, a side that has helped her conquer digital platforms for years, showing that musically she has no limits. NATTI is ‘uncensored’ in «No Pare», which highlights, without taboos, female sexuality and the natural desire a woman feels when she’s separated from her significant other.

Recorded in Miami, “No Pare” was produced by Gaby Music, Raphy Pina and Kingswifft, and written by NATTI NATASHA, Lenny Tavarez, Sean Turk, Jodosky, Kaylee Ameri and Raphy Pina. NATTI remembers the intimate moments she longs with her partner through the lyrics, which are embellished by a classic and catchy reggaeton beat.

“No Pare” is released alongside with a homemade music video directed by Kanvas and NATTI NATASHA herself. With shots from her home in Miami, the video shows the Dominican artist in her daily routine, from the time she gets up drinking coffee until bedtime. Throughout her visual journey, NATTI enjoys her day, exposing her sensual side, and at the same time describing her desire for a passionate encounter with her partner.

The Dominican singer-songwriter continues to demonstrate her musical versatility by navigating across multiple genres, and making her mark with every song she releases. From showing a vulnerable and emotional side to one of empowerment and confidence, it’s this versatility that cements NATTI NATASHA as a vital force in the women’s movement in music.

Prior to this release, NATTI NATASHA premiered the bachata version of one of her most personal songs, “La Falta Que Me Haces”, an emotional track dedicated to her fiancee and manager Raphy Pina. Honoring the musical genre of her native Dominican Republic, NATTI NATASHA gave a new life to this song that conveys everything she has gone through during one of the most difficult moments of her life, since the couple’s temporary separation a year ago. “La Falta Que Me Haces” achieved masterful success after reaching No. 1 at radio in Puerto Rico and the bachata version entered the Top 5 of Billboard’s Tropical Airplay chart, and currently has held at No. 1 for the last 7 weeks.

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