Natti Natasha and Tokischa Celebrate Women Empowerment with Union on «No Pare Remix»

Natti Natasha and Tokischa Celebrate Women Empowerment with Union on "No Pare Remix"

With much speculation surrounding a highly rumored collaboration certain to shake up digital and social media platforms, the Dominican star NATTI NATASHA recruited colleague and new generation Dominican powerhouse Tokischa for the release of the highly anticipated “No Pare Remix”, a song that’s already ignited controversy on socials for NATTI NATASHA.

Ignoring criticism that may arise from the collab, NATTI NATASHA wanted to unite two strong female Dominican artists to demonstrate (once again) the power of unity between women and their capacity to raise the bar for Latin music around the world. Listen to “No Pare Remix” on all digital music platforms now.

For the authentic collaboration, NATTI counted on Tokischa’s support, who in her own way did what she does best by writing a scintillating verse, which reflects her fiery personality. In this remix, both artists showed that two very different personalities can come together to do unimaginable things: Tokischa, representing today’s aspiring young and independent women and inspiring them to feel proud to be themselves, while NATTI NATASHA advocates for women who can be mothers and sexy at the same time, without having to apologize to anyone for it. Without a doubt, “No Pare Remix” is a song that looks to inspire women to simply be themselves, to free themselves and not allow anyone to censor or invalidate them. Although the song features strong words, it’s a perfect song to enjoy and dance until dawn.

For NATTI NATASHA, working alongside Tokischa was a special and unique experience. “I had a lot of fun with her. She’s a complete artist, who doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion, only her own. I loved that it’s authentic, and that’s reflected in the song. We want women to be empowered and not let themselves be limited to anything. They’re owners of their destiny and are capable of creating their own paths. Women are powerful, and when we unite, even more so. We hope you dance to this song that brings Tokischa’s explosiveness and my sensuality.» Furthermore, about the collaboration Tokischa expressed, “Natti is iconic. I listened to her when I was a teenager, and now I have a song with her. It’s an honor, and I loved the energy. I liked the song since the first time I heard it, and I’m honored that she shared it with me.”

“No Pare Remix” will be part of a new album to be released by NATTI NATASHA, one which will include some of her most recent global hits and several unreleased tracks.

With “No Pare Remix” and her most recent releases, the Dominican singer-songwriter continues to demonstrate her musical versatility by navigating flawlessly through multiple genres, leaving her mark with each song she performs, and not afraid to go from a vulnerable and emotional state to one of empowerment, independence and security. It’s this character that cements NATTI NATASHA as a vital force for women in music.

Previously, NATTI NATASHA collaborated with a Dominican producer, connecting through social media, for the release of the bachata version of one of her most personal tracks to date, “La Falta Que Me Haces”, a song that peaked No. 1 at Puerto Rico radio for 8 weeks.

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