Mauricio López’s new book «La Prisión, lo más cercano al Infierno» is a revelatory story

Mauricio López's new book "La Prisión, lo más cercano al Infierno" is a revelatory story

Recent release «La Prisión, lo más cercano al Infierno» from Page Publishing author Mauricio López is a heavy read that depicts the journey of two young men who dreamed of a brighter future only to end up spending their prime years in prison.

Mauricio López, a responsible son of a humble family, has completed his new book «La Prisión, lo más cercano al Infierno»: a gripping narrative based on true people’s plight inside the prison. The tale is about two young men whose first formal job led them to hell. The owner of their company is involved in drug trafficking and money laundering. Upon finding out the truth, these young men were subjected to threats and countless blackmails. With no way out, the two were forced to do bad things until they got discovered by the cops. That’s where most of the story’s setting took place; inside the prison.

La prisión, lo más cercano al infierno: Parte Uno

López shares, «What the story is about is the turn that life gives to any human being, in both sexes, and in any social stratum, going from the status of freedom to the state of deprivation of it, and the main message of this manuscript is alert you, Mr. Reader, to never see yourself involved in a circumstance of this nature that, without hiding and without pride, I was imprisoned for seventy months due to circumstances beyond my control, so I experienced it firsthand and my wish is that you learn from such an experience without living it, which is little or not at all pleasant.»

Published by Page Publishing, Mauricio López’s interesting work is a powerful narrative that follows the life of the main characters inside the prison. The two young men were both convicted but they served two different sentences and went to different prisons. What could have possibly caused it?

The story is rich in details and deeply emotional scenes that made this work a sure page-turner.

Readers who wish to experience this riveting work can purchase «La Prisión, lo más cercano al Infierno» at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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