Legend of Spanish Hip-Hop Lito MC Cassidy stands in solidarity with victims of gender violence

Legend of Spanish Hip-Hop Lito MC Cassidy stands in solidarity with victims of gender violence

With a career that transcends generations, the legend of Hip Hop in Spanish and the forerunner of reggaeton worldwide, LITO MC Cassidy, releases a song with a powerful meaning and whose lyrics take you on a musical journey through an impactful story.

The new single, “La Vendedora de Placer”, is released under the BMG Rights Management label and is now available on all digital music platforms.

With his unique way of writing, LITO succeeded at having the audience dive into the history of the song and reflect on the current social issues that are important to address. Produced by Micquail Akeem Kizer, “La Vendedora de Placer” tells the story of a woman whose constant battles lead her to become a sex worker, her only option to make a living and survive. Throughout the song’s narrative, and with the touch of a female voice, this powerful story is brought to life. LITO once again demonstrates his versatility, commitment and ability to convey a thousand emotions through his lyrics, leaving the audience wanting more.

In conjunction with the single, LITO launches TODAY the official music video for “La Vendedora de Placer” which is now available on his YouTube channel. The audiovisual production, directed by Lito MC Cassidy and filmed in Puerto Rico, is about the life of a woman, named Grace, and the different traumas that affected her childhood and youth. The music video also seeks to bring people during their most difficult time.

The artist of Hip-Hop in Spanish, who formed part of duo Lito & Polaco, released his first single “U.F.O.” in June, letting people know the “Rey de la lírica”/ “Lyric King” is back. The single received millions of streams on digital platforms as well as his music video that is now available on YouTube.

In addition, Lito has created a new genre called Rap Cinema in which he launched a series via his Instagram account and YouTube channel titled “La Jaula de los Vivos”. Narrated by Lito himself, each chapter addresses a different social issue parallel to the experiences we face today. Tomorrow, October 1st, the final chapter of the series will premiere, and between all the episodes, the series has more than 460 thousand combined views between IGTV and his YouTube channel. “I did not want to return with only music. Rap Cinema creates a new audiovisual category where I present a more intimate proposal identifying myself with my audience. La Jaula de Los Vivos demonstrates the cruel reality of the systematic oppression of low-income communities,” said Lito.

With a career of more than 20 years, Lito has always been recognized for his exceptional lyrics. Thanks to his artistic talent, he was able to obtain important recognitions such as TWO Premios Tu Música and has been nominated for the Billboard Latin Music Awards. With his undeniable talent, he is taking 2020 by storm in this new era of reggaeton, and soon he hopes to release various collaborations with the biggest artists in the Urban genre such as Daddy Yankee and Farruko.

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