Kio Dj in the studio

Kio Dj in the studio

We take a peek at the studio set-up of The Dj and Producer.

Kio From Colombia. Catching up with the Dj as he sit comfy in hisnew studio, we took time to explore the studio set-up and listen the new songs that are coming in the next few weeks.

How did you get into production and Urban music?
“Music has been in my life since I was a child, I was so passionate about music, I started as a Dj of singers then I move to make my own beats to them. When my reggaeton beats started to get better, I got signed to a Colombian label and started to work with bigger artists. I have worked with quite a few famous Colombian singers in the past.”

Do you remember your first gig where do you play one of your tracks?
“oh yes, it was in Bogota in front of 20.000 people with Karol G doing the warm-up of Daddy Yankee. I think it’s one the most special moment in my career .”

What’s a typical day in the studio like for you?
“I wake up. Drink coffee. And then I open FL studio. It’s like a morning ritual. I just produce all day, and I love it. And the day after, exactly the same. It’s been the same since 2008 when it comes to me working in the studio.”

How do you start a track?
“I always start with the drums. Then when they’re done, I always look for a special sound that nobody has used before. ”

What software are you using for producing?
“Fl Studio, Nuendo, Protools I like to try all when I’m making a song.”

What can we expect in the next album from you?
“It will be done soon, and is going to be different because We have Featurings Artist from south america, the Caribbean and UAE, Arabic and Latin mixes, different colors and crazy fusion beats from Latino to Arabic ”

Which artists are invited on this album?
«Mc Money, Shako, Leon Fernandez™, King Daga, Dj Sad Cat… Sorry but i can’t say all the artist because the album will have big surprises»

Who came up with the idea of fusion Latin and Arabic,?
“I had the idea since last year now I’m finishing all the songs”

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