Jamie Foxx & Mariah Carey Shine in Socially Conscious Diamonds

Growing up in Israel, a country accustomed to conflict and war, Rafael became familiar with the devastating effects of gun violence at an early age.

As a young adult Rafael found refuge in the arts by expressing his talents through painting, sculpture, music and the realm of Martial arts. After achieving 3 world titles Rafael, a Kung Fu master, became motivated to make a greater impact on society and began teaching martial arts in Israel, South Africa and the United States. Armed with his superior martial arts abilities and knowledge of Chinese healing and meditation, he embarked on a journey to promote peace and unity where Bullets 4 Peace subsequently emerged. More recently Rafael has expressed a passion for preserving and protecting nature, animals and wildlife through his photography from his travels around the world and at home in Los Angeles.

Rafi is known for his iconic Bullets 4 Peace jewelry line, whose star-studded roster of clientele include Beyoncé, Rihanna, Jamie Foxx, Eva Longoria, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Drake and more. Rafi’s new Domino Effect necklace has been embraced by Hollywood because it is a catalyst for global change. With the sale of each piece, proceeds are donated to international organizations promoting action and acceptance. One small step of kindness creates an undeniable domino effect of love and acceptance. Used bullet casings are collected from around the world giving them a new purpose, a handcrafted jewelry line symbolic of peace and unity.

Rafi’s unique story to become Hollywood’s go-to jeweler and lifestyle curator begins in Israel, where he grew up and served in the military and lost his platoon in the war with Lebanon. He found solace in creativity and later joined a Chinese monastery in order to become immersed in Taoism, healing, and meditation. Rafi uses his exotic travels to learn distinct regional artisan practices in order to hone his own craft as a multimedia artist. He learned mandala-making from monks in Tibet, Tibetan Buddhist painting (Tangka) in Nepal, charcoal powder painting in Chiang Mai, and studied watercolor painting with native artisans in Laos and Cambodia.

Every bullet has more than one life span. The bullet gets shot, its casing falls to the floor, it is then collected by the manufacturers and reused, saving the manufacturers money, a process we call – Reloading.

Bullets 4 Peace collects those used bullet casings from around the world before they become a fully functioning bullet again, giving them a new purpose – a hand crafted jewelry line promoting peace & compassion.

Through this multifaceted art education, Rafi was able to cultivate an exceptional eye, ability, and sense of creativity that extends to his graphic and jewelry design.

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