Gloria Trevi unleashes her inner «Medusa» with first single under independent label

Gloria Trevi unleashes her inner "Medusa" with first single under independent label

The song was produced by the renowned Spanish producers Dabruk, Manu Chalud and Alcover

Mexican singer-songwriter Gloria Trevi has always transcended time through her music. Kicking off a new chapter in her career, Trevi releases her first single as an independent artist, “Medusa”. With her signature sound and a hint of techno dance rhythms, “Medusa” is now available on all digital music platforms through her label Great Talent Records.

Navigating through a difficult time in her life, Trevi sought comfort and refuge in what she knows best: music. While in Madrid, she decided to meet with a producer and his team to collaborate on something new and epic. While searching deep into her soul for a concept that would mirror her feelings, she came across the name “medusa”, without truly knowing the story behind the character the name represented. «A friend who was with me took me into a deep dive through the history of the character, and along with all those at the studio, together we started researching the Greek mythology legend. I was surprised to feel so identified with her,» said Trevi, since Medusa is a woman who was abused by a God (Poseidon), and instead of being rescued, comforted and relieved, she was punished by a goddess (another woman), who turns her into a monster (giving her a woman’s face and snakes for hair, and gave her the curse of turning to stone all who looked at her).

Following the storyline, Trevi adds: “I wonder, among how many of us lives a Medusa? Definitely, this mythological figure deserves to have her story told from another angle, one in which her punishment makes her dangerous, powerful since she is enchanted… and the men who see her become hard…as rock.”

Te tiran, te pisan, te mienten (They throw you, they step on you and they lie to you)
Y quieren que pidas perdón (And they want you to ask for forgiveness)
Me dieron de plano la espalda (They gave me their backs)
Y no el corazón (And not their hearts)
Y no me pidan que tenga modales (They never asked me to have manners)
No soy un monstruo (I’m not a monster)
Soy su creación (I’m his creation)

Y grité (I screamed)
Su castigo me volvió peligrosa (His punishment made me dangerous)
Cascabeles, veneno, serpientes (Rattles, poison and snakes)
Más zorra que loca. (More sexy than crazy)

Encantada y poderosa (Enchanted and powerful)
Bailo entre las rocas y así (I dance between the rock and this way)
Yo los pongo a girar (I make them turn around)
Encantada y misteriosa (Enchanted and powerful)
Brava y orgullosa y así (Powerful and proud)
Yo los pongo a girar (I make them turn around)
Medusa la que suda en vez de llorar (Medusa, the one that overpowers instead of crying)

Recorded between Madrid and Miami, the song was written by Gloria Trevi, Bruno Fernández, Manu Chalud, Yoby Zuñiga, Milton J. Restituyo and produced by Dabruk, Manu Chalud and Alcover. Decorating an energetic and vibrant rhythm that reflects her inner strength, the song’s lyrics revolve around a woman who lost her light after being betrayed, transforming into a stronger woman, or a Medusa, to protect herself from evil.

The music video was directed by Pablo Croce (“Nos Volvimos Locos», “La Recaida”) and was filmed in Miami, Florida. The concept was inspired by Greek mythology and the story of Medusa, who was given the power to turn anyone who looked into her eyes to stone. The video comes to life with Unreal Engine Led Wall technolgy, which helped create breathtaking panoramas and hyperrealistic locations, with the same cutting-edge technology that was used for “The Mandalorian” (Disney). For the visuals, Gloria represents Medusa who is now immortal and can be seen crossing different dimensions of space and time visiting different eras and cities. On the other hand, in the video Gloria unleashes the song at a club, surrounded by dancers performing to a choreography created by the renowned Melissa Myrtle for Silent House Productions, who’s worked with global stars P!nk, Harry Styles and Gwen Stefani, among others.

In 2023, Gloria Trevi not only became «the highest grossing female touring artist in Mexico» but continues to demonstrate her relevance, her power on stage and popularity with sold-out shows throughout Mexico and Latin America. Crowned as the undisputed “queen” of SOLD OUTS, Trevi has had 10 sold outs of her “Isla Divina World Tour” at Mexico’s Auditorio Nacional closing her international tour that began last year and which has gathered 100,000 at the venue. Due to her success, the singer-songwriter from Monterrey announced a new (and last 2023 date) at the Auditorio Nacional on June 24, consolidating her as the female artist with the most performances at the venue (a total of 38 since 1991). In addition, she recently scored TWO SOLD OUT shows at the Movistar Arena in Chile and Arena 1 at the Costa Verde in Lima, Peru with her “Isla Divina World Tour”, and took the tour to Colombia (Movistar Arena) and Venezuela (C.C.C.T.), conquering over 33,000 souls between the four unprecedented shows.

Additionally, Gloria Trevi announced “Mexicanos Al Pelo Suelto” LIVE from Las Vegas to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day on September 15 from the Bakkt Theater in Planet Hollywood. In addition, she is set to headline at the Bésame Mucho Festival 2023 alongside headliners Los Bukis and Maná, which will take place December 2 at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

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