Global Music Icon Elvis Crespo Connects with the Masses With His New Album

Global Music Icon Elvis Crespo Connects with the Masses With His New Album

The album includes top-level collaborations with great artists such as Manny Manuel, RKM & Ken-Y, among others.

After blowing up social media platforms with his latest single “Lluvia y Samba”, global music icon Elvis Crespo has returned to deliver all to his audience with his 15th solo album, “MULTITUDES”. Released under Flash Music, this tropical music album includes great collaborations with artists such as RKM & Ken-Y, Manny Manuel, Limi-T 21, José Alberto “El Canario”, among others.

With this album, Crespo explores new sounds and his musical maturity is reflected in each song where the artist steps out of his comfort zone. “As a songwriter, I take more risks on this album. Also, I feel more mature and content from all the literature I read. I also took advantage of all the moments I have lived through to express them in this work. But, more importantly, I have my great muse, who on many occasions is my wife,» expressed Elvis.

Without a doubt, “MULTITUDES” is full of flavor, joy, and beautiful melodies for which it had top arrangers such as Manuel Tejada, Marlow Rosado, Robert Cora, Francisco Barbosa and Jerry García. Similarly, there is no doubt that it is one of the most complete albums in Crespo’s career since it is 100% a tropical album where the public will not only enjoy the contagious merengue that only the global music icon can give them, but also Salsa, Bachata, and Samba.

As a prelude to the release of this album, Elvis Crespo presented the song “Lluvia y Samba” with Alex Bueno and Gilberto Santa Rosa, where the artist fuses tropical music with Brazilian and electronic sounds. The track arose as a result of the Brazilian series “Cosa Linda”, whose music captivated Crespo from the beginning, inspiring him to create the melody and story for the song that demonstrates his maturity and musical evolution.

The album has several guest artists such as José Alberto «El Canario» on the track Dame De Eso, Limi-T 21 on the song Tiburona, RKM & Ken- Y and Manny Cruz on the song Imaginarme Sin Ti, Rafa Pabón on Una Vaina, Manny Manuel on Lo Niego Todo (original song by Joaquin Sabina), Bachata Heightz in Aroma De Sofía, special performance from the San Juan Film Score Orchestra in Llegaste Tú, Los Hermanos Rosario in Abracadabra, among others.

In the last year, Crespo has released several singles including Imaginarme Sin Tí, La Casa de Ramón, Festa Rica y La Foto se me borró, with over 17 million combined streams.

Tracklist for “MULTITUDES”:

  1. Muñe
  2. Llegaste Tú (Feat. San Juan Film Score Orchestra)
  3. Una Vaina (Feat. Rafa Pabón)
  4. Lluvia & Samba- video version (Feat. Gilberto Santa Rosa, Alex Bueno)
  5. Acuérdate de Aquello
  6. Tiburona (Feat. Limi-T 21)
  7. Dame de Eso (Feat. José Alberto “El Canario”)
  8. Lo Niego Todo (Feat. Manny Manuel)
  9. Abracadabra (Feat. Los Hermanos Rosario)
  10. Aroma de Sofīa (Feat. Bachata Heightz)
  11. Imaginarme Sin Tí (Feat. RKM & Ken-Y, Manny Cruz)
  12. Lluvia & Samba – merengue version (Feat. Gilberto Santa Rosa, Alex Bueno)

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